Garden Challenge May: Wild Flowers

In May ‘Jude’s May Garden Challenge’ is calling for images of wildflowers. Now, I’m not sure if these are actually wildflowers. I’ve been searching the internet and first thought it was a climbing nightshade (solanum dulcamara), but then came across a perennial nightshade (solanum crispum/Chilean potato vine). The fact that it was a ‘nightshade’ surprised me. It’s got such pretty flowers and is climbing beautifully on my trellis.

flower purple copy 1


One thought on “Garden Challenge May: Wild Flowers

  1. Solanaceae are quite a large family including cultivated plants, so yours may or may not be a ‘wild’ flower, but it is very pretty so although it may be native to Chile and Peru (and I guess that isn’t where you live) as it obviously self-seeded in your garden I’m happy to bend the rules 😀

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