Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration

landriana white flowers edit upload bw ok


Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration.

I’ve always admired wildflowers that manage to sprout up, grow and survive not only in meadows and woods, but also on roadsides, pavements, urban paths and in the most unlikely places presenting us with an array of colour to enjoy while carrying out their important work of exchanging pollen and producing seeds.







4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration

  1. Congratulations, wild flowers are certainly worthy of admiration because some are just stunning works of mother nature. By-the-way, I love your combination of B/W and color for your example!


  2. Yes. The wildflowers are bringing so much color to the high desert right now, a harsh and unforgiving environment. Excellent choice for ‘Admiration.’ Thank you for sharing.


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