Perfect apricots and a perfect plum

….but not so perfect pictures.

Most of the apricots had fallen off the tree when I got back from my trip so quickly picked the rest and made some jam. The plums are just about ready as well so time to organize another jam-making session.

I  actually prefer plum jam. What about you?

perfect apricots

perfect plum

perfect plums


6 thoughts on “Perfect apricots and a perfect plum

  1. Hmm, jam! I love making it myself as well. Honestly speaking I prefer apricot jam, maybe because we have an apricot tree in our garden. Last year we had loads of fruits from it, but it looks like it that this year the timing of weather, bees, etc. was wrong, because not one blossom grew into a fruit. Did you try making cranberry jam, so good!


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