Along the Cilento coast in Italy

palinuro tower

The coastal tower of Caprioli is on the Cilentan coast and is just one of the wonderful views you can admire along this coastline in the province of Salerno, Italy.

palinuro view 1




Along the Lazio coast in Italy.

Just some of my findings and pictures of the Italian coast this week.

bear on beach

anzio 1






Shades of turquoise, shades of blue. Palinuro, Italy.

palinuro shades of turquoise before upload ok

palinuro coastline before upload ok


Palinuro is a charming seaside town on the Tyrrhenian coast in the province of Salerno.

It has an impressive headland rising beyond the town’s picturesque harbour busy with fishing vessels and pleasure boats. You can take one of these boats for a tour along the coastline and see several natural sea caves formed in the rock.

The Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra) is famous for its intense, dazzling blue colour. The coastline has spectacular limestone cliffs and natural rock formations.

palinuro blue cave water upload

Sorry about blur in this photo.

palinuro cave before upload ok