Perfect apricots and a perfect plum

….but not so perfect pictures.

Most of the apricots had fallen off the tree when I got back from my trip so quickly picked the rest and made some jam. The plums are just about ready as well so time to organize another jam-making session.

I  actually prefer plum jam. What about you?

perfect apricots

perfect plum

perfect plums


Italian plums

On my solitary plum tree in the garden things are looking good. Should be in for a nice crop. Enough to make some plum jam (marmellata di prugne). Have you got any interesting recipes?

plums 1 copy

Here’s the original picture.

plums 1 edit

Camellia bud, antique mosaic


camellia bud edit upload mosaic

More dabbling with my photo-editing software.  First  I used  ‘retro’ style, then added an antique mosaic look. Apologies for the actual composition of the photo, but was trying hard to get the bud close-up.

Garden Challenge May: Wild Flowers

In May ‘Jude’s May Garden Challenge’ is calling for images of wildflowers. Now, I’m not sure if these are actually wildflowers. I’ve been searching the internet and first thought it was a climbing nightshade (solanum dulcamara), but then came across a perennial nightshade (solanum crispum/Chilean potato vine). The fact that it was a ‘nightshade’ surprised me. It’s got such pretty flowers and is climbing beautifully on my trellis.

flower purple copy 1